Here you will find images from my latest trips. Not all the images here will make it to the official public site, but it will be a way to post my latest updates in terms of images.

This will be the source for the images that based on my criteria will finally make it to the galleries.

Feel free to leave comments, and any input is always welcome!
LichensYosemite, November 14-15th, 2015Close to HomeCoyote Hills - July 25th, 2015"Pain in the Buntz" - Softball May 10thRiviera Maya / Chichen ItzáMossbrae & Burney FallsMonterey/Big SurAround Town - Dec 17thYosemite - Dec06Death Valley 2012Katmai 2012Niagara FallsFull Moon at Pigeon PointMarch 3rdArchive from July 2009Panther Beach - Feb 17thfour Mile Beach & Davenport BeachSF - Muir WoodsArroyo SecoMono Lake - August 2011Alamere Falls Hike - July 2011Sausalito SailingDinkey Creek - July 4th CampingSpring in Nevada & ArizonaYosemite Spring 2011Jan 11th-16th WeekLake Tahoe - New Year's WeekendBean Hollow - Dec 26thCanaima -  Dec 2010Week of November 16thNovember 9th to 14thWeekend November 5-8Coyote Hills - Nov 4thMenlo Park Salt MarshCoyote Hills - Hike Oct 24thPoint Lobos - September 30th