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This time, because I was just processing one image I took the time to try different things, and I was not constrained to my threshold of time when processing several images, usually right after a field trip. 

Let me know what you think, and if you think the post-processing it is up to the standards as end-result.


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Panther Beach - February 17th https://www.craftedlight.com/blog/2012/2/pantherSept17

So I've been trying to get motivated to photograph again. This time, a friend of mine (Kevin McNeal) who happened to be photographing around just gave me a call to join him to photograph along with a friend of his (Scott Pudwell). 

We decided to photograph the coast around Santa Cruz, and following my suggestion we scouted several of the locations near Davenport: Davenport Beach, Sharktooth Beach, and Panther Beach.  The sky was clean, and most of these locations require a stormy sky to complement the scene. After a quick discussion we decided for Panther Beach. As expected not a great sunset, but we tried to make the best out of it.




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